Saturday, March 20, 2004

Scheds in Conflict...

Darn! I have been waiting for this and now that the event has been known, my schedules gave me a rocking twist. I got an update from my dear campus in Manila.

March 27, a major concert by one of the country's biggest & best acoustic acts --- Nyoy Volante & his Mannos will be held at the Rockwell Tent to perform the current hits!

This same day, I will be trekking from
Norzagaray, Bulacan to participate and do my little share (by planting seedlings) in preserving the Angat Dam which is hitting the lowest of lows. I was not really up to joining this project which is sponsored by the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines (MFPI) since I just had a stint in Mt. Pinatubo last weekend. But the thought of having the water reservoir plunging to its dangerous level is quite disturbing.

So, I will forego this sure-to-be lively concert to bending my back and planting precious seedlings.

Anyway, in case anyone is interested to watch this concert, tickets are priced at P350 only. Reservations and Orders can be done through 0917-4983902.

If contributing to the future of the water reservoir and yours as well; if you find it in your heart to play with the sun and the earth, I encourage you to join us in this undertaking. Everyone is invited. =)

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