Thursday, April 1, 2004


I was almost tempted to do so. The place is becoming like a corporate jungle full of bad vibes. To think that it would never happen was an understatement. It was shocking, really.

The "suckers" were at it again. They just don't stop. They are beginning to get into my nerves.

It was like "manna" was falling down from heaven and these &*$%!! were like greedy crocodiles.

If it is not for you, don't grab it. If it is meant to be shared, don't hide and fly with it solo.

Alias & Friends...

I cannot wait to go home and have myself glued in front of my desktop. I am becoming addicted to it...=)

*hmm* who wants nutty chocolate and a boston creme? I have a sweet tooth today...


Bad dreams had always dominated my sleep. That's why I prefer to stay up wide awake at night. I can still recall instances when I was awaken not by the nightmares that continually haunt me at night but it was the deadly pain shooting through my chest. I woke up holding my heart with tears flowing nonstop. I could not breathe. I thought I would die. But no, I did not.

Now, the bad dreams are trying to manifest itself. I always try to think that maybe I am getting paranoid. Yeah, maybe I am. But sometimes, it is paranoia that simply helps me survive the hard times.

It just makes me so sad to think about it. Everyday, it feels like I am hanging on to something that is bound to lose sooner or later.

All I wanted was what they say as quality time. But I guess, that will never happen.

Better spend quality time with myself.

*mewonders* Maybe I was boring enough...

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