Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Calm Disposition...

I have never felt this kind of relaxed feeling for years. Despite the rush I try to cope up with every single day of my life, the familiar settling down of the flurry and blurry of the hurried day has completely eluded for the past years of my life.

Today, for reasons beyond me, it is within my grasp.

In between sipping my aromatic caffeine, I am happily browsing over the broadsheets, checking and actively exchanging myself in a battle of views through email, doing my research work and smiling to myself. Oh well, I don't mind if people here in the office find me queer today. So what? I am living my life for a day.

Thoughts have been chasing each other inside my head for weeks so I might probably write them down to make space for new ones. *hmm*

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