Thursday, May 13, 2004

Friends the Smash Hit Comedy Series...

After a decade of eliciting never-ending smiles and heartwarming guffaws, this once-a-favorite-hit-comedy series of mine is signing off...for good.

When I started having a relationship with the boobtube,
Friends was one of my boyfriends. I used to remember back in college that I exchanged the companionship of friends over watching Friends. Those were the times that my mom would be both happy and wondering if I was sick for being home so early.

But when I started working my butt off, I had to forego spending time with Friends. It only frustrated me to hurry going home and end up watching the teeny-weeny scenes of the episode. So, I forgot all about Friends in a few years’ time.

I might not be able to catch up with the show but somehow, I was still able to catch a little glimpse as well as bits of stories of what has been happening in the series.

When I met Dex, he had installed quite a number of episodes in my computer. After arriving from a hard day’s toil, I would switch on my pc and laugh my heart out.

Honestly, I am wondering how a show could be that perfect. But I believe that the success of the 10-year old series does not only lie on how the scriptwriter had perfectly crafted his lines nor how the director had instructed the actions but also how the casts had worked together in perfect harmony.

Saying goodbye is really a hard thing to do, you know.

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