Thursday, May 13, 2004

Proud to be Filipino...

I am proud to be one.

We may be a laughing stock to the world out there but I am nonetheless proud of my heritage. For once, I never wished to belong to any race though I have a passion for anything French, Thai and that of the blood-sucking vamps.

Some people may hear me lament, complain and even curse for what is happening to the Philippines. I have visions of someday, we would rise above and tell the world that we are something big and not something to be looked down.

We may be beyond our fellow Asian neighbors in terms of growth and wealth but we have something to take pride in ourselves. If only all of us can work towards that end, maybe, just maybe, life here could be better.

Anyway, I had read somewhere that we will be sending 2 cadets from
Baguio’s PMA to train at the US Military Academy. Besting their 313 colleagues, both cadet and cadette will be part of the 1200 cadets of the military academy class 2008. It is such a feat because it will also be the first time the country’s premier military academy will be sending a female cadet to the well-known USMA in New York.

Discussions and debates also proliferate amongst local mountaineering groups about the much-talked about the exploration in the infamous
Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain.

A dream of every mountaineer is to climb this 29,035 feet tall mountain. Come 2007, a team of RP mountaineers will attempt to scale the world’s tallest peak.

Physical risks are known to be the main deterrent to accomplish this challenging endeavor. I have read that there are currently 26 men and 3 women in the training pool. Out of these seasoned mountaineers, only 5 men and 2 women will compose the final team. They will undergo rigorous training in alpine climbing and will be scaling 8 mountains overseas.

It is a known fact how dangerous this climb will be since hundreds of lives has been claimed, trying to reach its peak.

I am no seasoned nor a hard core climber but I share the same sentiment these people feel when they reach a certain peak. Up there, it is different. Despite the tired muscles and bones, emotions come to play. The grandeur of the beauty, the never-ending freshness of the breath of life, the powerful hold in one’s desire to live, the blazing spirit of passion to test one’s limit – these are the reasons why I climb.

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