Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Early Tomorrow...

I am supposed to be banging my head on my soft pillow now since I have an early day tomorrow. My high school buddy who lives nearby will be picking me up tomorrow before 7am. *hmm* That is quite early but since I miss the old times, I'd rather get up and hit the streets with him.

Actually, we bumped into each other a few hours back while I was headed for home. So surprised to see him.
Dante is one of my peers way back from high school. I used to remember that he was the earliest person to go to the house on my birthday. He is one of those snobbish-looking guys I would love to kid and joke and provoke with. Let us say, he is kinda 'pikon.' But now, he has changed. 'Siya na ang namimikon.' Hehehe.

Okay! Got to hit the bed and snooze. He is gonna pick me up at a time when I was supposed to be (just about) finishing my bath.

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