Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Too Early Today...

I cannot remember when was the time I really made it so early reporting for work. I arrived in Makati by 8:15 and by the time I logged in, it was 8:20. Surprising, isn't it?

Thanks to
Dante. If it wasn't for him, I would have arrived by a mere fraction of a minute before the bundy hits 9.

I was up early, say 6am. I was done by 6:50 and was expecting him to come by at the house before 7. He gave me a ring at 7:15. It was ok since I was able to have a good cup of coffee before leaving the house and had a small chat with my mom at the dining table, telling her what was happening at work. Those were the precious, little moments that hardly come by these days.

Going back to my buddy, we had such a nonstop chat about the younger says of our lives. It was fun, really. We came back reminiscing about high school days and oh, how we laughed at the funny, queer, awkward memories of our pasts. Those were the days, as the old saying goes.

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