Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Evil Me...

Sometimes I really cannot help myself but be pissed off in the mornings. And this morning wasn't an exception, either.

Because the FX driver decided to take the Buendia route (which is usually a traffic headache especially when you are in a rush) instead of the Malugay course, I decided to get off at the corner of Buendia-Osmena Highway. But before getting off, I snobbishly told the driver to let the passengers know first his route since it was rarely that we take the Buendia way towards Ayala. With that, I walked away and hailed a cab.

Another thing that had my outspoken ways get the better of me was this incident with my bf. Goodness! Why do I have to feel so bad whenever he comes to work late? I had been texting and calling him to wake up but he never replied back. Oh he did! The thing is he said that he was already up but I thought he had fallen asleep again. To end this story, I let my stubborn head do the reasoning.

That's me in my wicked mornings!

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