Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Getting Ready...

Lately, my actions were directed on accomplishing some tasks related to my “impending departure” from somewhere. Those were just a few of the steps I must tread before venturing out of my sheltered realm. I am not even certain on how to go about it but definitely, I will be traversing a very different trail in the future. Of course, I would want to go back to the same path where I have planted and developed my roots. But it depends if that new territory would make me feel welcome and settled. I hope so.

Anyway, I am not really rushing things. As they say, take one at a time. I would be embarrassed if people would regard me as organized. Absolutely not. I am just trying to avoid probable misgivings. If you can avoid it, the better. In all honesty, I am sort of nervous going through this thing. I do not want to think about what the future holds for me because all I see are pessimistic scenarios. I do not want that. I would rather plunge ( I am using this word instead of lunge) head on thinking about the affirmative side of my every endeavor rather than wallow in the negative probability of its result. But still, it scares me.

Despite all this, I am looking forward to belong in this new life. This time, I promise to do better than well. (Okay, I know this line is incorrect but what I am trying to point is, if I did well before, I will be accomplishing more than just being ‘well.’ Hope my explanation breeze through).

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