Friday, June 25, 2004

Quoting Work...

A colleague of mine sent me an animated email of a mother and son camel. The younger camel was asking his mom what was the use of the parts of his body. With pride, the mother camel was beaming explaining everything to him.

But the younger camel blurted out why was it that they were in the zoo when their bodies are equipped with protection from thriving in the desert.

Somehow, the moral lesson of the story struck me home. For the past few weeks, things weren't turning well for me. I think I have reached the point wherein enough is enough. I have given too much of myself and yet, I was left unappreciated. I am not really after being appreciated all the time but that last hit was a blow to my perfect illusion of work. I tried my best but sometimes doing all your best is the worst thing of all. I was disillusioned. I am not an ungrateful bitch. In fact, I owe it to them big time. But I am just someone, a career-oriented girl who has ambitions and who wants to grow and learn in this life. It is also in my personality that challenges thrown at me must fire up my interests. To others out there:

Skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences are only useful if you're in the right place.

Love your job but never fall in love with your company because you'll never know when your company will stop loving you.

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