Thursday, July 1, 2004

Small World...

I think the world is so populated already. Who would ever believe that a guy that I chanced upon in the charming beaches of Puerto Galera was the same person I saw a few months back, playing in a band in a bar in Malate called Unplugged? I was with a group of friends when we went there to hang out. I was telling Chummy that I knew one of the guys but I wasn't sure since he looked quite different the last time I saw him. One thing that convinced me that it was him was this striking white, becoming necklace hanging around his neck. Anyway, as much as I wanted to say hullo, I just couldn't. I was scared of being branded as a flirt.

Two weeks past and I got a call from Chummy that she, too, knew the guy. She said they met through another friend,
Maya, who is the guy's friend and officemate. I know Maya, too, because I met her during one of my memorable climbs in Batangas. Maya confirmed that he also saw us but was unsure if it was me and Chummy.

Someties, I just couldn't help but wonder how things seemed to happen. You meet certain people in some places and you will discover that some of the people you know are friends of your friends. The world, our world is really becoming small.

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