Thursday, June 3, 2004

Talk About Beauty...

I heard a few hours ago that our candidate for the Miss Universe beauty pageant did not make it in the top 5, much less in the top 10 finalists. I wonder if she was the girl who was readily and generously pampered by former beauty queens, Gloria Diaz and Charlene Gonzales, when she won the local crown. She was given advice, tips and I am not really sure if she was given a little training in "the makings of a future beauty queen."

Held in Ecuador, a total of 5 beautiful women were chosen by a panel of 11 judges. They are:

Miss Australia - Miss Universe 2004
Miss USA - 1st RU
Miss Puerto Rico - 2nd RU
Miss Paraguay - 3rd RU
Miss Trinidad & Tobago - 4th RU (the only black beauty among the 5)

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