Monday, May 31, 2004

The Connection...

It was Saturday night when my high school buddy, Levi gave me a ring at home. It took us probably an hour or so, catching up and buzzing stories about the rest of our 'barkada' and batchmates in high school. It was fun reliving those memories. It was kinda sad, too, knowing that some people we knew then had already passed away.

I almost cursed him for making a situation so laughable instead of something to mourn about. I almost fell off my seat!

[.]levi: uy, alam mo ba si ma'am (name witheld) eh may cancer?
[.]me: sino daw?
[.]levi: "saying the name" -- oo, may cancer daw.
[.]me: talaga? si ma'am (name witheld), tumatakbo siyang mayor?
[.]levi: indi, may cancer nga...cancer of the bones nga eh.
[.]me: ows talaga? tumatakbo siyang mayor ng malabon?

What the hell was happening to me that time? I thought I had my eardrum drummed up that I lost the gift of hearing. I was hearing things far from what was being spoken. We were chatting last night over the phone and the election was almost 3 weeks over and I was talking of running for a mayoralty post in the present tense?! Where was my brain that time? *hmm*

If that doesn't makes sense, let me explain. Levi and I were reminiscing old times and that included our beloved teachers back then. He brought up a name and he said that she got cancer of the bones. I thought I heard she was running for an elective post in Malabon. I even thought he clarified that she was (actually, I even referred to it in the present progressive like 'tumatakbo') joining the mayoralty race in Malabon. Levi was correcting me for the nth time and I kept on repeating the same thing over and over..."tumatakbo siyang mayor ng malabon? talaga?" It took me more than a couple of times to get into my head what he was really trying to say. When I realized it, he let out a strong guffaw that almost made me hot in the cheeks (due to embarassment). He was laughing hilariously that I could not helped but laugh with him for my stupidity, almost knocking me off my seat. Levi is still the same person since high school; never fails to elicit the much needed reaction from his listener. :)

Because of the talk we had that time, I decided to log on at
Friendster Sunday morning. I utilized the user search and went on a hunting spree for my old high school batchmates and friends. Guess what? I almost ended up discovering a quarter of them. I added and sent them messages, telling them that it was me. I checked my account right now and half of them had already replied. My gawd!

It has been 10 years, 1994-2004.

The Ladies:
Kristine Anne
Melody Grace

The GentleMen:
John Paul

They were so many and my head could not remember every, single name. Maybe, I will just add it on everytime I recall one. Funny! When I told my younger, recently-CPA board passer-sister about it, she decided to make an account for herself, too...Hehehe!

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