Thursday, July 8, 2004

Male Starlet?

In between my serious monitoring of the business sections of top broadsheets, I got to sneak a few minutes of skimming through the entertainment part. Showbiz!

I was wondering how male starlets are called. *hmm* Oh, just a thought. Ain’t you call them starboys? Hehehe.

I do not think that this showbiz guy I considered as a male starlet can still be considered as such. I was pretty surprised that
Yul Servo has 3 acting trophies to his name. His first award was being the Best Actor in Cinemanila 2001 for the film, Batang West Side which was, by the way, his first film. So much for acquiring the first of firsts. From the same film, too, he obtained his second award from Brussels International Film Fest 2002. The 3rd and the last one as of the moment, was from the movie, Laman as credited by Star Awards.

Does that mean that our entertainment industry is being blessed with a good bunch of sensible performers? Unlike the political arena being swarmed with actors, actresses and starlets gunning for a post in the government? Uh, uh.

By the way, Servo is the lead partner of Nora Aunor in the movie
Naglalayag, one of the official entries to the recently-held Manila Film Fest.

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