Friday, July 9, 2004

Overlapping Functions...

Here we are again. Why is it the government loves to create new institutions, agencies or mere groups of people just to show that they are fast-tracking their supposed responsibilities? To think the function of that new agency is the same as the functions being done by an already existing organization. Funny. They even have the nerve to complain that we are extremely drowning from our indescribable budget deficit.

So what is this so-called
Economic Managers Group (EMG) for? All the while, I was thinking that sources where referring to the economic management team that comprises the Cabinet heads of DoF, DTI, DBM, Dir-Gen of NEDA & the Governor of BSP! Well, I was wrong. There is this Congressman from Albay, Joey Salceda who is lately visible to the press. According to him, the EMG was the idea of Executive Secretary Alberto Romulo with the objective of providing Malacanang sound inputs as well as assist in studying practical revenue measures for solving the deficit problem. He also claimed that the group has no deciding powers.

The point is: the original economic management team composed by appropriate government agencies can do that. This is just one of their functions. It is the heads of these organizations that must carry out the same duties and responsibilities in providing the President the inputs, ideas, suggestions to solve the problem. Plus, they carry the right to decide and implement policies deem effective and efficient in disentangling the “financial mess” the government had created.

Okay. I know there’s no monetary compensation allotted to this EMG where Salceda belongs (though I heard over the radio that he is planning to contend for the chairmanship of the Committee of Appropriations in Congress). But he will do better if he focus on thinking what beneficial endeavors can he do for his constituents, hmm?!

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