Thursday, July 1, 2004

President GMA & Cebu...

Today, June 30, is the much-awaited day of the winning candidate of the recently-held elections. Our newly-seated president, Her Excellency, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had her presidential inauguration and oath-taking in the Provincial Capitol of Cebu. This event was breaking away from the traditional inauguration in Manila.

I had been to Cebu many times and the first time I landed the soles of my feet there, my initial impression was that it was almost look, feel and smell like Manila. That is, a little less of everything – less polluted, less congested, etc. My frequent travels then made me think that there’s a little competition going on between Cebu and Manila. I knew there was – when it comes to which language must be heralded as the country’s national language, that of Tagalog or Cebuano. That goes way back when I was still in elementary or high school, perhaps.

But the competition that I noticed was that Cebu is trying to have a share in the percentage of everything that Manila has – tourism, investments, trade, and political limelight. That was what I thought. It was only today that I discovered the vocal translation of my thoughts.
Mayor Tomas Osmena of Cebu just pointed that out a few hours ago.

Hmm...I wonder how it feels to be in Cebu right now. This day is declared as a public holiday and a great street party is going on right now as the president took her oath.
So why in Cebu? It just so happened that Cebu delivered the president to its current throne. The country’s second largest city gave her the winning votes to displace opposition candidate,
FPJ. As a way of expressing her gratitude, the little, victorious, glorious Gloria designated Cebu as the venue of her inauguration.

Cebu is a great city. If given an opportunity & a choice, I would rather give up my rotting life in Manila and thrive in Cebu. It is a good investment site for potential investors out there. The entire Cebu boasts of growth centers as well as export leaders of electronics, seaweeds, furniture, etc. Its pristine and charming beaches and historical areas lure local and foreign visitors alike.

I am not sure but I think I read somewhere that the Department of Tourism will be relocated to Cebu from Manila. If the department will perform its duties well in Cebu, why not? We have an international airport there in Mactan so it is just befitting that DoT be there.

What are your thoughts on these things?

{This was supposed to be posted yesterday).

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