Thursday, July 1, 2004

Contradicting Dan Brown...

Due to the seemingly popularity of the controversial books of Dan Brown, especially the Da Vinci Code, the recipient of the negative attack had plotted their own ways to rebut the books' claims.

Launching a battle against the Da Vinci Code, a league of Catholic and Protestant believers released the books
"Cracking Da Vinci's Code, Breaking The Da Vinci Code & The Da Vinci Deception." More or less, a total of 10 books are out there waiting to debunk Dan Brown's.

I am not sure but I heard from a friend of mine that there are rumors that the Da Vinci Code will be made into a movie. Hmm...

I am not a Catholic but my curiosity was piqued. Who wouldn't? I have been a passionate student once when it comes to history. Knowing the answers behind every question regarding an event's establishment is more than enough to excite my being.

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