Monday, August 16, 2004

Call Center In Baguio

I was contemplating on the idea of working in a call center in Baguio. I had heard that there is only one BPO firm operating in that area. I wondered why not relocate such billion earning industry to Baguio aside from Cebu and Manila. I contacted BOI regarding this. The agency claimed that they are really considering of other areas to situate the industry due to its profitability for the economy. It was pointed out that the main problem lies in the telecommunication infrastructure of Baguio. It is not as sophisticated, not even developed as required in setting up a call center firm.

In a news report, DTI Benguet said that PLDT promised to establish the telecom infra there. Hopefully, in a few years' time.

I wonder if there have been feasibility studies done on setting up BPO firms in Baguio.

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