Thursday, August 26, 2004


What do you think of friendster peepz requesting their fellows to give them testimonials? If you are going to ask me, I really find it weird to ask for one. Sometimes I could not help but laugh or get annoyed when some people begged for them. Testimonials are given out of free will, not demanded nor asked for.

And in case someone will tell me not to read those posts, I will tell you back that I really don’t. It just so happen that their bulletin boards’ subject titles sounded like they were pleading for mercy; and I could not help but take a peep. =)


  1. --sobrang nakakatawa talaga,I feel so sorry for those begging "friends",baka kasi yung iba naawa na lang at kaplastikan na lang ang nilalagay.

  2. naisip ko lang na if you asked your friends to writ one for you, then it won't be sincere or honest at all. :)

  3. I so agree with you girl! Testimonials are supposed to be sincerely meant, which is why I think asking for it is not unlike fishing for compliments. Another thing that annoys me when it comes to testimonials are people who send you graphics... Very creative. I'm sure they put a LOT of thought into that.

  4. tina, hehehe. Checked my friendster kanina. Natawa na naman ako. May nagmamakaawa na naman na bigyan siya ng testimonial. Another one was sort of threatening, though, I know he meant it as a joke. Hahaha.


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