Thursday, August 12, 2004

To A Broken-Hearted Friend

ei, take care and i've been through the state you are now. Before I laughed and scoffed at people who thought they can't go through life again with that kind of pain. But when I experienced that myself, my goodness! The mind over matter thing that I know of did not work for a while. It did later on but time really makes way for you to go on.

Just do your part, don't dwell on it. Go out with your friends, read lots of books, have a vacation, feel like you're a tourist in a place and have a good laugh. Sooner or later, the heartache will not be as painful as you felt it was before. Promise, time will come you will both laugh at it and sometimes "bitch" on it. Hehehe.

Cheer up!
Life has its ups and downs. I have long believed it but when you really experience it, you can say I lived my life and I am glad I did. =)

Always take care.

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