Friday, September 24, 2004

Amazing Race

Blame my schedule. I was only able to watch the Manila leg of this wonderful, exciting race via delayed re-broadcast. Proud that I was for having the famous world race root its stint in Philippine soil, I was dismayed in seeing the daughter of the Philippine President welcome the finishers. Why did she have to share the limelight together with the affable-looking race host Phil Keoghan?

"Welcome to Manila, the Philippines.” Ano ba yun? Where's 'Mabuhay'? That's the usual greeting any Filipino will say to a foreigner. I'll forgive her for that, maybe she was plain nervous of the experience.

I have nothing against her. It is just that I do not like her to be in the show. My sole opinion. Even I could not explain why.

But did you notice how weird she looked in that terno? It was way too big for her, I noticed. *wicked grin*

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