Thursday, September 16, 2004

At Random

· I really need to buy a new cabinet wherein I can stuff my book collection as well as my other things. My books are everywhere and irritate me to see them scattered around my room and even the living room. I still have to consider these 2 things: (a) I need to find a cabinet or shelf that suits what I have in mind, (b) where the hell shall I place it? The room is kinda crowded already.
· Bf bought me a Yonex badminton racquet and I haven't used it yet. Too busy to fit in my schedule.
· I haven't fixed my resume yet. If I accomplish it fast, maybe my plans will start rolling.
· I was feeling a little guilty of what I did but upon receiving TJ's news. All I wanna say, “da** them.” They have no right to treat us like this. We worked and still working our ass off and all they can give is something less than 4% and they gave the others a rumbling 20%! I have been right from the start when they announced that proposition. Subsidizing the increase of the lesser paid at the expense of those who are a little highly paid than the lesser paid. How did I come to that generalization? Simple. There’s a very small budget for that and of course, they will try to make do with that.

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