Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tomorrow Is A Friday

Aside from Mondays, Fridays are the busiest days of my working week. I have obtained this kind of notion due to my experience when I joined the labor force.

Mondays, work piles up due to the accumulating requests for information from the Head Office and the weekly updates, which is very much a routine work for me. Aside from that, writing reports and economic monitoring seem to be my everyday cup of tea (or should I say, coffee?).

Fridays, on the other hand, is the hectic day where I have to accomplish all my pending tasks for the week. Some are urgent so that means, by hook or by crook, I MUST finish them. Others can be wrapped up the next week but I am not the type who would battle the work and put it off another time (depends on my mind frame at a given period). So, I would rather have it done if I could.

And right now, this is what I am doing – rushing to finish my task so I can start a new one come Monday. The problem is: the worldwide web is playing a boring, irritating game with me. Server is down and our computer tech people are nowhere to be found. I have already delivered a message to contact our service provider which is GLOBE (I would have done this myself but these GLOBE people would be asking tech stuff which I really have no idea) but they have not given me a feedback yet. To think that I have requested for a return call! When you request for a RETURN call, that means you have to call back. Now that sounds “mataray” and I am not denying it.

It is infuriating because this is not just the first time. This is one of the times it had happened. And normally, it would choose the time when you check the office wall clock saying, it is already 1500 hours. The problem here is that it would stretch beyond the normal working hours and still, the work you expected to finish that day would only be concluded after 2 days.

What have I done this afternoon was read and read so I could gather mental notes and utilize them in my documentation. The thing was it made me stole a catnap and I had to get up, go to the pantry and make myself a tall cup of aromatic coffee. The addicting caffeine absolutely perked me up and led me back to the lane where I was a few minutes ago. So, I read and counter-read papers again. I had to check something online but still the problem persists. I was doomed.

I have been waiting for this issuance to appear 2 months ago (my job to do so). Malacanan was supposed to deliver this message to the waiting public. Of course, everybody knows but it has to be done formally. Besides, private firms have to take into consideration the one-day lost to their operations. It would be much appreciated if they had.

Rather than wallow in frustration over a task to be left undone, let me just notate my thoughts down. *hmm*

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