Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Group ID

Our mountaineering group, ATMC is getting better and bigger. The core peepz like Dex, Richard, Jenard and the others said that it is high time to organize and sort of formalize the group. Plans like membership, IDs, t-shirts, SEC registration and other concerns will all be discussed in the first ever general assembly. Oh, that is pretty great.

Anyway, wanna see the suggested (courtesy of
Rommel) look of our ID?

Muy guapito talaga si Papa Brad Pitt! :)


  1. Pansin ko lang laging italic gamit mo kahit normal post mo at kahit hindi quotes or poems. May matindi bang dahilan? =)

  2. [JohnHeart] - you observed right about my use of italics but you're wrong in one point. I only use italics if it is my own thoughts that I am writing about. Otherwise, if it is a forwarded or an article I got from somewhere, I post them as is. Check it out again! ;)


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!