Monday, September 20, 2004


You know what? It seems like September is such a good-natured month for me. Suddenly, my messages from my mailbox were not much of forwarded emails but more of messages sent with personal touch. I know you guys will agree that receiving correspondences with bits of small hullos from friends of long ago will touch your heart. It is rather nice to read their messages inquiring how you were and struggling how to reconnect their lives again to you. In fact, the cherished memories of the innocent past will come tumbling back to you. Either those unforgettable moments will make you smile, cry and even laugh. Isn’t it such a delightful feeling to vividly recall the fondest thoughts of not so long ago?


Dante called me at home Sunday afternoon. I was unusually surprised when he called up because for the time being, he had replaced me as the unreachable person ever in the barkada (whenever my tropa plans to go out, I would always be in the nowhere-to-be-found-list because of my busy schedule). So, imagine me when he called up. He rarely calls asking me about my plans in the next few months nor invites me and the tropa to have a nightcap. Surprise! Surprise! He did call and asked if we can all go out sometime December. I asked him why the out-of-the-blue invitation? He said he might be stationed somewhere off in the illustrious city in the Visayas soon and he wants to meet up before he leaves. Okay. Pretty convincing. I said yes, why not? Maybe it is time to hook up and rekindle the flickering warmth of friendship.

For about 30 minutes, we caught up with the recent happenings in our lives – about work, other friends, school, gimmicks and of course, lovelives. I also invited him to join me in one of our climbs. He seemed interested so I told him I would call him up if there would be an upcoming minor climb. He was kinda worried about the things he needed to bring and I just told him that climbing for the first time with regards to personal stuff wouldn’t be so taxing. Worry about that when you think you are ready to pursue climbing as a hobby.

With our December gimmick, I volunteered to arrange it. He said he preferred a place where we could have a cozy, relaxing chat. So, going in a bar is already out of the question. Actually, I am considering of either Corregidor or perhaps Island Cove. I still have other ideas but I need to check out some stuff first.


Gay, who used to my co-volunteer in UP Oblation Corps, sent me an email as well. Right now, she is sort of a lecturer in the paradise (she said so) of physical therapists. If I wasn’t mistaken, she finished occupational therapy. It was nice of her to stay. While almost all graduates of her course went to pursue their dreams, earning their toil in a foreign land, Gay opted to stay and be loyal to her alma mater and her country. It may not be of patriotism that made her stay but just the same, the impression remains. I admire her for that. I think the same goes to my Kapampangan tukayo, Ivan as in Ivan John Leopoldo Guanzon III. I also heard he is a lecturer of Biochemistry in UP Manila. To think about it, they have the necessary capabilities to go overseas but still, they preferred to stay. Talk about contentment and confidence?


Short but frequent exchanges have also been occurring between me and my ‘dreaded’ instructress in one of my major subjects in college. I really couldn’t recall how everything started but it seemed like we could now just sit down and chat everything under the sun. You see, she was just a few years older than my block mates and me when she started as a lecturer. To think that there was just a small generation gap between us and yet, we were damned terrified of her. She is smart and very, very strict. In fact, whenever I meet her in the hallways of the college, I would always look down the floor or pretend to read a book rather than acknowledge and smile at her. I was scared of being rebuffed at. Ask everyone. She had the impression of strict snob.

But I am glad that things are a lot different now. She has loosened up from the uptight, smart stude of not so long ago. She is a lot more talkative and comfortable to be with now. Hopefully, we will be able to meet again sometime next month and have a cup of mocha frap and yak about the old days.

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