Thursday, September 2, 2004


You are really getting in to my nerves. As much as I can, I do not want to associate myself with you. You are such a pain in the ass, you know. What I do is my own business and please, mind yours. It is not your territory anymore so back off. You always make it appear you are better than I am ever since we changed territories. Fine, I do not even care. I am even willing to admit that. But please, if you still want to hold on it, go ahead, be my guest. You are one of the reasons I am considering to strengthen my resolve to leave this place. I cannot even imagine staying here with you clucking like a hen behind my back when it comes to what I do.

Ah, kainis talaga.


  1. JohnHeart, ay secret. Basta badtrip ako sa kanya. Di niya alam ang mga salitang: "Mind your own business." But sometimes, the person is ok naman. Kaya lang, there are times talaga...grr... :)


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