Monday, October 25, 2004

Mutilation to Mutation

My wicked self is just around the corner again, trying to be mean. How is it that I always come across written English in a funny way (through emails)? It seems like that the test messaging via cellphone has its own disadvantages. Sending messages through this medium has resulted in an evolution of a distinct form of English communication.

Text messaging has undoubtedly mutilated Pinoy English thus evolving into a new, mutated lingua. It is quite alarming if the case will be like this. I just wished that I would not be subscribing to this new alteration.

Okay, just try to ignore the funny way I always hear English being spoken and written by the people I deal with Mondays thru Fridays. Hehehe.


  1. Text language annoys me. It's bad enough that people TEXT this way, but actually using it online... It is just so annoying.

  2. Text messaging is merely an offshoot, a by-product, of today's wireless technology. Personally, I don't really worry about it. Language is liquid, always will be. And while there are people who pare it down to the essentials they understand, there are still others who explore and expand it in ways that are beautifully uplifting.

    It is lovely to always have choices, don't you think so? :)

  3. "... kya ingat u... kc iingat me... "! that annoys me sooooo much speciaLLy when oLd peeps does it... hehe! kaya nagiging joke na Lang sa bahay... =)

  4. it is alright for our generation but for the young ones ( the kids of today) , i think they must not get used to writing things the way sms are being written. they still don't have a godo grasp of the English language so the text-style of writing might confuse them. for us we already know they are wrong so no problem.


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