Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Long, Long Time

Obviously, I missed blogging. Well, I have been so busy and my schedules were pretty erratic for the past 2 months. I was able to get back to my former post and the moment I sat my ass off my old, comfortable seat, I have to hurdle a number of projects (counting to 5 projects). Anyway, this week is such a welcome relief. I will be staying in the office till the holidays and will be busy for meetings and accomplishing preparations for next year's projects. By January 10, I will be away again from the office and toiling my butt off somewhere in the metro and hopefully, (*crossing my fingers*) to Cebu and Davao. Yipee!

Leaving Research is quite a breather. I attribute the fact that I do not like to be tied up in my seat and doing research anymore. I like the fast-paced momentum of accomplishing something in the Projects Dept. What I really do not find welcoming in this job are how slow my superior delivers his decisions and the way he prioritizes the trivial, mundane matters over important ones.

Sometimes, I was thinking if I was wrong in re-accepting this job again. A lot of things have changed and to tell the truth, they are not for the better. But of course, I cannot leave just like that. I must be practical or else, I will find myself in the dump.

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