Wednesday, October 13, 2004

To Jehann

Hullo there! =) Yup, it’s me. Well, almost everybody said so. They did not recognize me daw. I felt hurt. Charing! Oh, it was because I lost the glasses and replaced it with contact lenses as suggested by my eye doctor. The glasses weren’t helping since every year, my eye grade (is that how it’s called?) keeps on goin’ up. Regarding my body frame, well, I got a few muscles here and there. Let us just say I develop a habit for eating a lot, not much but enough to create some fats and stuff it. =)

Funny that your sister could recognize me. Did she? Hehehe. Well, we had been classmates in Chinese classes before. How is she nga pala?

Regarding that name, I have gotten used to it. That’s the name that my friends from college and my mountain climbing buddies call me. I just sort of adopted it. =)

I do work right now in a Japanese government agency here in Makati City. I used to handle projects in environmental and technical aspects for 3 years there but I was transferred to research a year and a half back. Hopefully by November, I will claim that position again. I am excited.

It’s a good thing you’re doing great there for yourself. Wow! That was an exciting work for you, I guess. I think you are enjoying a lot. Well, if you have the time, continue studying. I am planning to take a master’s degree soon. I just needed to have a schedule for it.

Did you know I was checking the websites of well-known universities there in Australia? I was planning to take a scholarship and probably work there. But nothing is quite definite yet. I am awaiting the results of my application for a new position in the company I work for now. After 2006, I will probably reconsider working overseas, either in Canada/Australia/New Zealand. As I said, no definite plans yet.

You’re coming back and a reunion? Yippee! That will be great. If you need help, let me know. I can surely lend a hand. Will be glad to.

Take care and always keep in touch.


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