Monday, January 10, 2005

Work vs Leisure

What bad spirit has overtaken me? Instead of focusing on accomplishing preparations and arrangements for my 3 simultaneous projects starting next week, I am here updating and changing my blogsite. Aside from that, I am deep into checking my email accounts. Hah! This confidence of mine is raging a little bit.

It looks like
Friendster is getting better and better. I logged in a while ago and jarannnnn... what appeared first was my profile and settings which you can update right away. I liked their new lay-out. Cool to the eyes. On the other side is a notification board which tells you if you have and how many messages, friend requests and testimonials you got. Right now, I got 3 messages, 1 friend request and 1 testimonial.

I am a little surprised that someone has the nerve to even send me a message. Honestly, our friendship before is nothing like at the present. I only add her out of courtesy and not to renew or rekindle the old ties. It may seem like I am such a cruel nut but she deserves it. She ruined our friendship over something trivial, even causing a hate war between our moms. Because of her, my capability to trust old and new friends alike is something which I cannot do in a flash. All I want to say is good luck to your marriage life and good for you to have a kid of your own. That is one thing I can even honestly say to you face-to-face.

Aside from the blogskin, it is also time to clean up my links. Either I update, add or remove them from the list. O di ba ang busy ko? Hehehe.


  1. "It looks like Friendster is getting better and better."Now I know that you're using IE browser and not Mozilla Firefox.

  2. john, i'm not actually a techie person. so i'm not sure what you're saying...hehehe.


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