Monday, January 10, 2005

Googling Myself

So what does Google thinks about me? Find out at Googlism.


ivan is reviewed by pc magazine (ano ko, computer?!)
ivan is the dog of hate (di ko alam, may types of dogs din pala accdg to emotions)
ivan is the "hit" man (hired gun pala ko?)
ivan is not detecting my sound card (computer daw tlaga ako!)
ivan is a pk (2k alam ko, ang pk hinde)
ivan is sooo sexy (ehem)
ivan is a very high yielding variety (what am I? A hybrid corn?!)
ivan is the guy who owns the local nursery
ivan is still being defensive (uy, hehehe)
ivan is an incredibly social
ivan is a project scheduling package developed by mclachlan group pty ltd in australia
ivan is actually half black lab and half border collie -------> (hybrid pala ako ng hayop)
ivan is extremely knowledgeable about internet law (just e-commerce law, lol)
ivan is a hero (what noble thing did I do?
ivan is 45 (I'm not even 30)
ivan is single? he spends his time going to movies (not really)
ivan is a software engineer at america online (how I wish I took computer engineering)
ivan is one who is a 'jack of all trades' because he can do various things (I love multi-tasking so long as nobody bugs me which and what to do first, hmm; got that?)
ivan is both arrogant to a fault
ivan is still a virtual master with a torch and can cut with the best
ivan is the 272nd most popular male first name in the united states
ivan is a survivor and does things to make his stay in the camp tolerable (am I soldier?)
ivan is not all work (yeah, I do play as well, hehehe)
ivan is presented as an idealist who wants to make russia a world power and must fight (I like Russia not because of their political inclination but their language and the kind of names they have - does my blogger account says so? IVAN ULRICH)
ivan is a graduate of princeton (I like Princeton U than Harvard)
ivan is a cat (I am not a catty person, more like a puppy girl)
ivan is a nondescript
ivan is also a talkative fellow (you got that right!)
ivan is always active and larger than life (though I am petite)
ivan is now a graduate student majoring in ancient slavic languages and history (might as well add french)
ivan is the man phoebe saw in her vision (my email addy starts with the phoebe name because the Charmed series inspired me; saw in her vision - told you, we're talking here of Phoebe's Charmed tv show)
ivan is a contributing editor to skynew magazine and his articles have appeared in astronomy (ow really?)
ivan is a three time washington state archery champion (archery, wow!)
ivan is an attorney (my frustrated dream exactly)
ivan is a horrible husband—should have been shown the door a long time ago (nyehehe)
ivan is curious
ivan is full of compassion for the "injured and humiliated"

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