Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Zodiac Says

Your boyfriend is likely to guard you closely this period. He can be very possessive and demanding at the same time, which are the things you hate in a boyfriend. Don't worry, sister, the support of your friends will pour. You may find out something at work that may ruin a co-worker’s reputation. It’s best to be quiet about it if you want to maintain the peace. Have enough sleep and eat a well-balanced diet to keep you fit and healthy. Live within your means. Spend only on things that you really need, that’s the secret of inner peace.

I don't about the boyfriend 'act' part but the rest of what is written above speaks well about me. Co-worker? I got the feeling who the person is and yes, I will keep quiet so long as she will not turn the tables against me. She may have the best cards but I got the ace.

Enough sleep, balanced diet? This is what I am lacking and not capable of. I need to sleep because I always feel like I am floating in oblivion. I need to cut my rice intake to make me fit again. I am a sucker for rice and my mom says I now look like a boxer for having a baggy upper arm. I also have to trim my craving for rice so I will be able to regain a little abs here and there.

Live within my means? Spend only what I really need? Oh well, I am getting there, almost. Hopefully, I will be able to pay off my debts to someone and finally reach a balanced sheet of spending and saving.

All I need is a little bit of self-discipline and conviction to do what I am really determined to accomplish. Small way to start but I think I am capable of it.

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