Wednesday, January 19, 2005


After Sri Lanka had raised its death toll, the total number of fatalities in the tsunami tragedy in South Asia escalated past 175,000.

Everytime I read and hear news about this daunting tragedy, I still feel the same intensity of terror the first time I ever heard of this event. The feeling (goosebumps seem to envelop me) pervades my entire being. It is still so incredible that more than thousands of people died and still counting. How could that possibly happen? I was reminded that Someone up there is very powerful, almighty. He has the power to give and take life away.

As people from all over the world realize the cost of what disasters will bring, scientists from hundred + countries started working on setting up a global action plan that will save lives during these kinds of disasters. Reducing risks is very significant in these cases. Wealthy countries are continuously urged to make donations for prevention measures and to stop being 'stingy'.

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