Monday, February 14, 2005

What I Did

Last week's working week was not so hectic. Just attended a few meetings here and there and most of the time, I spent the hours in the office cleaning my table of undocumented project files and reading backlog newspapers (I need to so I can make a report about energy/power issues). Aside from that, I started segregating my personal stuff and bringing them back home one by one (getting ready for resignation soon).

Friday was a welcome bliss for me. Surprising that at the shot of 5pm, I stuffed all my things in my pack and sayonara, off I went. Papi was waiting for me outside (he was not late because he attended a boring seminar {he said he slept throughout...hehehe} in Makati).

We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurant serving Kapampangan cuisine,
Mangan. We ordered ginataang kalabasa at sitaw (my all-time pavorito), specially cooked big tilapia, enchiladang mangga at bagoong. Of course, I devoured the veggie and the mangga and Papi had the tilapia though we, as always dipped on each other's food. Hehehe.

Afer having a full stomach, we played
Vampire Nights at Timezone, visited Park Square to check digital cameras & memory cards. Papi saw one that he liked and he said he would be back to buy it. I remembered that I had to pay my outstanding bill with Sun Cell and file a complaint why I could not take nor receive incoming & outgoing services. Well, the lady seemed like she did not know how to answer my question so instead of pointing out to her what she was supposed to do in those cases, I just excused myself and paid my bill. While I was paying, Papi came back with a newly-bought badminton racquet. Actually, he was just after buying a casing for his other racquet since its bag was kinda big. Well, now he has 2 badminton racquets.

I had been thinking when would I be able to change the look of my room. I call it interior redesigning. Nothing grand but I got tired of the usual look, touch and feel of my room. After Papi left, I 'launched' my plan of changing the interior style of my room. Hah! It was so hard to move my closet and other cabinets. It was already 3 in the morning when I decided to give it up. I was so tired.


Saturday: Papi came to the house before lunch. He brought a full meal of siomai & fish lumpia. It seemed like everybody in the house liked it since almost nothing was left. Hehehe. Afterwards, we went to
PC Express to buy a new motherboard, modem and speakers. You see, my pc had long been malfunctioning for I-don't-know-how-many-months already. He handcarried the CPU and had it fixed. By 5pm, we were already home and tested if it was working. Fortunately, it was; so long as you would not modify the settings at the moment. We are still planning to re-install everything if we find the time to do so. At 6pm, we left the house together and separated ways later on. I got off at SM West to have the blouse I bought 6 days ago changed to another size. Afterwards, I bought an internet prepaid card, went to the supermarket and shopped a little. While shopping, I bumped to Marissa, a batchmate and orgmate in UP. Of course, it is a known fact what women do when they crash with their girlfriends whom they have not seen for the longest time. Standing in-between shelves, we animatedly caught up with each other's lives after college, current lovelives, work, other friends and college pals and the like. After which, we decided that we will see again each other since she is working in Makati as well. Capping up my shopping for groceries, I rushed to the ticket booth and bought a cinema ticket. So what if I preferred to watch 'Dreamboy', aber? I decided to watch it alone because papi could not find it in his heart to watch it with me. Eh love ko talaga si Piolo eh! I even wonder if he is going to watch Phantom of the Opera with me? So, who wants to go with me? Anyway, the movie was ok and there were 'kilig' moments. I was like a high school teener under the scrutiny of my dreamboy, blushing and giggling like that. So did the women who were much older than me, who were unmindful of their screaming fits. Hehehe. By 10:30pm, the movie was finished. As usual, I got lost finding my way back to where I was supposed to exit. I decided to go out and course through the walkway. My attention was caught by the cool music the band was playing near the newly-established 'garden.' Curiosity beaat me and I found myself among the people listening to the group. Since they were performing in the coffee shop area, I decided to take a seat and order my favorite mocha frappucino. Well, I just realized that they were actually serenading the listeners because it was almost Valentine's Day. Love songs abound and one could really feel that love was in the air. Some of my favorite love songs, both sweet, endearing and painful ones were sung by the group. Hahay. The last song that was sung was Christian Bautista's rendition of Hands to Heaven. Everybody in the crowd was singing the touching words to their hearts' content. Suddenly, the vocalist came down from the mini-platform and out from nowhere, a red rose popped out from his back. He made his way toward the crowd and I was getting nervous because he seemed to be walking towards my direction. The meaner side of my twin personality whispered, "feeling ka ha! Uy, assuming..." I was not given the time to think about that blasted whisper from the back of my mind because the vocalist was actually standing in front of my table and handing me his red rose. The crowd went, "ooohhhh, ahhhh, uyyyy..." I was tongue-tied. Who wouldn't be? I was just happy being alone and listening to good music and what did I get? A red rose and an embarrassed face. Hehehe. The night was not over yet. The manager of the cafe gave me another round of grande of mocha frappucino as compliments. It was such a nice feeling, don't you think? Hmm.

After which, I decided to call it a night. I rode a bus plying along Edsa. Reaching the trike terminal, I was lucky to be the last passenger to be waited upon. I was the last person to board off and I was surprised because the young driver told me that the guy I was sitting with inside had already paid my fare. I told him that I do not know him and that was totally impossible. Then I remembered what the guy was smiling about when he got off before me. So the question was: who was he? Was he a former classmate, acquaintance of mine that had been forgotten long time ago? But I would not think that it was possible to forget such a charming face. Sabi nga, mahirap kalimutan ang itsura ng mga guapo. Hehehe.

Papi went to JR's place where they celebrated Bajoy's birthday. I would love to go but I just couldn't. To you dear Bajoy, Happy Birthday!


Sunday: I woke up early at 7:30 am and directly went upstairs to face the stockpile of a week's laundry. Thanks to the technology of washing machines, I was able to watch 2 episodes of
CSI in-between. At past 3 in the afternoon, Papi came to pick me up and off we went to Glorietta to play a round of Vampire Nights. Afterwards, we went to Park Square to inquire about the battery of his new digicam (yeah, he did buy it). We wandered around Glorietta and decided to go check some place else. While on our way, I almost cursed myself dead for bringing the circle of events to a complete halt. I thought that this was it and everything would be over. I did not dare explain at first because I know the reason was kind of selfish and that would not be nice. In my heart, I thanked him for being so pushy when it comes to explaining what and how my mind works. Because of that, I was able to tell him things that I would never find the heart to tell at all in this life. It always seemed then that no time was right to bring out everything, to say things out in the open. I just hope that in a way, he would be able to learn something about me and how I feel about such things.


Monday: Upon waking up, I could not get up and it was too taxing for me to do so. I am having dysmenorrhea. I called the office and that I would be coming to the office later in the day. Unfortunately, I fell asleep due to the unbearable pain. When I woke up, it was already 2:30 in the afternoon. I send a text message to my immediate superior and associate director that I would be reporting for work tomorrow (which is today). I just spent the rest of the afternoon eating, checking the computer (which is already working - checking my mails), dealing with the unfinished business of arranging my room, etc.

By 6:30 in the evening, I started preparing for dinner.

It was past 7pm when Papi called informing me that there was a bomb that exploded inside a bus under the
MRT Ayala Station. I was shocked because I did not know he was in Makati that time and we were just texting a few minutes ago and that he was watching US Marshalls via dvd. My goodness! Fortunately, he was not amongst those people involved in that tragic incident.

All the while, my mom was panicking. She asked me to call my sister to go home. She was quite worried about my sister riding the bus back home. Anyway, my sister got a goodnight sermon from Mamu when she arrived home by almost midnight without texting or calling us back. It was not usual of her to go home very late at night.

My prayers for the victims of this horrible incident. Sorry to say but I wish that the perpetrators of this inhumane act be cursed with ill will all their lives. Any of you have no right to cause misery to anyone. May your souls burn in hell.

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