Thursday, March 10, 2005

Book Crave

Like the way I crave for chocolates when I am depressed, I crave for a certain book that will satisfy my reading desire at the moment. What I really want right now is something controversial, rocks the brains with innuendos of historical claims clashing with fiction. What comes to mind? Dan Brown's books. Well, I have already read all of them. In my search, I discovered this book which came prior to Dan Brown's best-seller, the Dan Vinci Code. Published 1997, the Templar Revelation is somewhat akin to the tone of the Da Vinci Code.

Written by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, the Templar Revelation tells about an enigmatic history undisclosed through centuries and which can be decoded in the pieces of priceless art.

I have recently checked if
National Bookstore and Powerbooks have stocks of that book but up to now, zilch. Anyone got an ebook copy? Can I request a copy? Kindly send it to my email addy.


  1. Meron ako ebook n'yan pero di ko alam email add mo.

  2. john, hindi oala nag-reflect yung addy ko. eto po:

    thanks in advance =)

  3. The Templar Revelation pala ang hinahanap mo hindi Da Vinci Code.

  4. hi ivan! there's this book which you might be interested to read. it was also mentioned in da vinci code, "holy blood, holy grail". i read it years ago and it felt like lightning will hit me. ang galeng ng research dito. this book created so much controversy the first time it was published because of its explorations on Jesus Christ and the Knights Templar.

  5. [john] - yup, i finished Da Vinci. That book was the reason why I got 3 of his other books in print and the other one, ebook copy. I'm still hunting for the Templar Revelation..I'm really curious about it.

  6. [skeet] - i know. :) Holy Blood, Holy Grail is also in my list. As you said, it is pretty controversial, too. The research that was done just to write this book is amazing, unbelievabe!


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