Saturday, March 12, 2005

This and That (2)

Movie Line-up

I am really looking forward in watching these films. So, who's available to watch it with me?

The Pacifier - I thought that the craze over this hunk of a man named Vin Diesel would never get into me. I heard all about him, how gerlaloos and vakloosh went gaga over him. After seeing him in the movies - Pitch Black, The Fast and the Furious, Chronicles of Riddick (thanks to Dex), I was mesmerized by the strength of the man and ooohh, those searching eyes. Hehehe.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this new movie of his. Would you believe he would be doing his very first comedy movie (as far as I know)? Picture this: a big guy taking care of kids! *excited*

Hitch - I am not really a big fan of Will Smith but I am beginning to like his style of cracking humor. Let us see how good he can be in giving dating strategies to lovesick fools in this romantic-comedy film.

Spanglish - Quite curious about this movie which stars Adam Sandler. Teaser shows about the clash of culture, values and insights to human commitments. Sometimes, it is refreshing to see films that are basically in touch with our human soul.


Movies Watched

1. I forgot what day it was that I watched the Keanu Reeves movie,
Constantine. I had no desire to watch it at first but Dex was surely on to it. So we did watch. The movie was too dark in its sense and too complicated. I don't actually buy the movie's premise that God and the devil wagers on human soul, on who gets who. I do not believe that and my faith in God's power is unceasing.

I gave credit to the film's superior cinematography plus its believably scary visual effects. A gothic horror with a cynical, gruesome sense of humor.

But there is one thought that remains in my head. Does the forces of good and evil represented by halfbreeds really amongst us humans? I know they do, figuratively but literally walking and mingling with us? I cannot imagine that a devil incarnate is actually seating beside me.


Cyanide Poisoning

It was so shocking to learn that 28 pupils of a public school in a small town in
Bohol died from eating native cassava. It was believed that the cause of mass poisoning was due to the high level content of cyanide found in the cassava. Research investigation is still undergoing to determine the real cause of this tragedy. Her Excellency, President Arroyo has placed the town of Mabini in Bohol under a state of calamity.

Let us share a minute of silent prayer for the eternal repose of their souls.


The Honorable PMA Sanlingan Class 2005

I hold Baguio dear in my heart. Everything good and nice about it is something I wanna share to everyone.

Anyway, kudos to the 148
Philippine Military Academy (PMA) cadets who will march the stage as they graduate today, March 12. Out of the 148 are 12 female cadets; of which 4 are in the top 10.

HE Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will be the commencement exercises speaker of the graduating PMA Sanlingan (honor) Class 2005.

I used to remember my father coaxing (kiddingly, of course) me to enter PMA. He thought then I was so addicted in my CAT class. But then, I dreamed that once graduating, I would opt to enter the Philippine Air Force (though in our CAT, we practice the Philippine Army way). Hehehe. I was dreaming then of becoming a member of the elite group of PAF. Guess what? Here I am.


High School Reunion

My high school batchmates will be staging a small reunion after more than 10 years of not seeing/catching up with each other. It will be held at 7pm tonight somewhere in Timog Avenue. I am still contemplating if I will be attending because it seems like I will be the only one coming from our section. Levi seems uninterested and Uriah is quite busy. The rest of my gang are unreachable, meaning I do not know where in this world they may be. I am undecided because I may feel isolated if I attend but the urge in me to go and see my former batchmates is strong enough to even consider giving it a thought.

I just hope those 2 buddies of mine will give a + feedback. I will try to contact the rest as well. I was a researcher and the blood is still flowing in me.


Lunch With Mariel

I was chatting at early mawning with Mariel via yahoo messenger when she popped up the invitation. She said she already missed us and that it would be nice to see each other again. So tomorrow, March 12, we will all be meeting - Mariel, me, Jon, Jovee. Mariel requested me to inform LA, Jary, Kerwin and Jheng.

I am really looking forward to see them again and to think it was just last Wednesday that I met up with Jon and Jary to have dinner at a pizza resto.

Surely, this is 100% guaranteed fun!



-pala ang site na ito sa Best Blogger of the Year 2004 category sa
Philippine Blog Awards. Naks, walang alam sa html yan (yabang ko, *toinks). At hindi rin naman ako magaling magsulat. Mahilig lang magsulat.

I wonder what is their basis for including me? Hmmm.


  1. Hey, firstly congrats for making it to the finals of the philippine blog awards-best blogger. Yeah, you're wondering who the heck am I. I was searching Sanlingan in the net and I bumped into your site. Well, seems to me your a military personnel by now. Im a former cadet pala.

  2. rocky, thank you for that. Nyehehe. DI po ako cadette and i never did. Joke lang ng papa ko yun. :) Taga-Baguio ka ba? :)


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