Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Current Mood

The rational in me says I am fine but in truth, I am experiencing this agonizing sadness. The first surge of loneliness seeped through me yesterday morning. I tried to keep a happy face but I just couldn't.

Yesterday's mood hit its highest point this afternoon. It has been a defense mechanism of mine to snap at people everytime I feel pain of the way I am treated.

Why does it happen? Being happy today and being sad the next time. I do not want to spill out my thoughts because they are plain childish. Yes, even to me. But I could not help but be saddened by the fact that for the nth time, someone I cared about treated me incomparable to nothing.

I do not want to elaborate for fear of being misunderstood.

I just wish I would be able to live each day without the pain of missing someone so much.

Bwiset! Ang hirap naman kasi ma-inlove eh.


  1. hii.. =) we're strangers to each other, but i was just browsing & i stumbled upon your site. i like your post. being "in-love" is so much harder than just loving.. so much more pain and rejection. yeah? oh well. i hope you feel better. take care!!

  2. they are 2 different things, very vast difference. Yep, harder it is to be in-love than just loving someone. Being in-love makes you incapable of controlling anything at all. That's why it is more painful when you get hurt.


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