Saturday, March 12, 2005

Missing Skubi

I was bloghopping almost everywhere this morning the moment I logged in the web. I visited JohnHeart’s blog and his March 6 entry about his puppy brought sadness to my heart. Archie, the puppy look like almost my Skubi except for the color. Archie is black while my Skubi had a brown color. I really missed Skubi for he died a few months back. He had been sick for quite a while then, got better but down on his feet again. His naughtiness and snobbish attitude endeared him to me. I never thought that he would die that day. It was such a shock for I saw him limping going to his nook in the house and the next time I saw him, after less than 5 minutes, he was dead – sprawled on his side. I thought he was just too weak to stand up but he was not moving at all. He died that day at 4:05pm.

To my beloved Skubi, forgive me if I had hurt you in any way. I am guilty of that. I miss you my dear puppy. Your presence had graced simple, memorable happiness to the family. You were not just a puppy of any sort, you were a companion, a playmate and a guide. Wherever you are, you will always be a part of my memory.


  1. hay naku, may sakit ngayon yung aso namin si sakura. i stayed home today so i could take care of him.

  2. hope you have clicked the link above :(

  3. Yeah, I've read your comment.

    Archie's still a puppy the last time I saw them confiscate dogs in our area. Archie was able to hide because he was unleashed.


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