Friday, March 4, 2005


It has been four straight days since I got addicted to staying up late till early dawn just to reunite with my beloved desktop. Why not? We have been separated for a long time when my dear motherboard decided to crank up at me. Mind you. It was such a heavy load to pull out something from your pocket just to buy a new one. Oops, it was actually Dex who paid for it using his credit card. Mine was maxed out and my cash was not enough. I told him that I would pay him every payday. Aside from the motherboard, we also bought new, cool speakers and if I was not mistaken, we also bought a brand new modem since the old one had corroded edges already (?).

More or less, I spend 6 hours in front of my desktop. All I do was engage in a hit in playing
Snood, Virtua Cop & Text Twist, check and reply to sensible and personal emails, browse Friendster, check jobstreet for my brother's benefit, and of course, update my blog.

Oh well, I was planning to blog more but my eyes are really, really droopy.

Goodnight, blog. Sweet dreams to me.

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