Friday, March 4, 2005

Blog Addict

Isn't it obvious that I miss blogging? My demanding work has surely taken its toll on me. Aside from mountainclimbing during weekends, escaping to Baguio, writing about something, having a cup of coffee or mocha frap while reading a good book in a nook at a favorite coffee shop, I love to spend my precious little time in front of any computer - writing in and talking to my dear blogsite.

Right now, I am at work but I just cannot help taking a 'peep' in my blog world. I have to finish some project requirements which will be used in our wrap-up meeting at 2pm today. It is also Friday and I have to facilitate arrangements for a project counterpart's workshop requirements on Monday and Tuesday. Yadah, yadah. Who cares? I am sure I will be able to find a way to accomplish them before the time comes.

What I am really excited to blog about was my trip to
Baguio last Feb 24-27. It was such an exciting weekend despite not going to many places. There was no need to revisit every places since I have been going there frequently. It was also one of the weekends celebrating the very festive Panagbenga. Aside from the flower and float parade, I enjoyed the time spent in checking out new places to eat in Baguio. Aside from that, I was like a happy kid jumping with glee because of the cheap thrills that Burnham Park had to offer.

Well, that story (plus the photos) has to wait. Oops, I just have to warn you. Most of the photos were the faces of
Dex and me. We were having a 'trip' on taking photos (like taking pictures against varied backdrops, light settings, etc). He actually looked like he was embarassed having his photo taken. Teaser: the photos I took of Dex were mostly in a surrounding of flowers.

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