Wednesday, March 2, 2005


It was already past 10 in the evening today when my mobile phone rang. An unregistered number. I was planning not to answer it but my obligation in reference to my projects did not hinder me to do so.

So I got a call from this guy,
Kristen, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during a pinoyexchange event. Anyway, he called up to ask me if I would be available during the weekends for a board game. If you are going to ask me, this guy is a real genius when it comes to playing scrabble. He competed against me and I lost the game plus my copy of Tom Clancy's book, Clear and Present Danger. Well, I have no qualms of playing against him for the second time around.


It all started when my former colleague, Rajnna, emailed me inquiring how's life been treating me. An hour back, another former colleague, Joy, was exchanging emails with me. Raj is currently in the US while Joy is in Canada. Raj is planning to head back to Toronto soon. As we were corresponding, the current and the future plans of each other's lives were brought out in the open. I was seeking Joy's advice on how will I be able to migrate to Canada either for work or for studies or even both. She claimed that I have a better chance. As usual in most cases, the only hindering factor will be one's bank account with a stable amount of more or less P500,000.00. My gaws! Is this for real?! Well, she taught me the ways how to acquire this but still, a long shot and I do not think I have the patience nor the face for it. Hmm.

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