Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Tonight is a repeat of last night's. My dinner for today was nothing different to yesterday's. So what did I had? Yesterday, I had a bar of chocolate, lanzones and maybe around 8 pieces of pandesal without the spread. Today, I had cornbits, lanzones, low fat milk and 6 pieces of pandesal with my new fave, tuna spread. Nope, I am not dieting, not at night (only during lunch time). It was not actually because there was nothing to cook for it was only 2 weeks ago that I went to the supermarket to do some grocery-buying. Well, nobody cooked and I was feeling pretty lazy fixing something for myself. I was not that hungry but if I was, I would naturally be in the kitchen, cooking something grand for my palate.

Surely, tomorrow will be another story. I have to take something in before I start destroying the protective walls of my intestines.

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