Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Some people who really knows me are aware how I am head over heels with Richard Gere. He never fails to enchant me with his respectable looks, disarming smile and expressive eyes.

For a while, he isolated himself from the bright tinsel town of Hollywood and dedicated his time in pursuing humanitarian, cultural and religious causes in Tibet and I felt sad because I would not be seeing much of him again; on the other side, I admired him all the more for his compassionate heart. I never liked Cindy Crawford because I wanted Julia Roberts for him but I was saddened upon hearing that their marriage was on the rocks leading to divorce. I knew it broke his heart.

Working for a Japanese government agency has somehow made me aware of controversial personalities in the Japanese electorate. One of them was Richard Gere's look-alike,
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. His ascension to political power in 2001 created ripples of controversies due to his somewhat liberal views in some aspects, which was viewed with caution and pessimism by the conservative Japanese citizenry.

PM Koizumi's looks and approach to politics has caught me in the same whirlpool the way Richard Gere has hit me. The first time I saw PM Koizumi, I told my female boss that he looked like Gere but she said he did not. Well, she was wrong. PM Koizumi was touted to be the Japanese version of Richard Gere.

Imagine my ecstasy when I saw this photo clip, the 2 of them together!

The photo was taken when Gere visited PM Koizumi's office in response to his invitation. Papa Gere was in Japan to promote the remake of the Japanese box-office movie, Shall We Dance?

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