Tuesday, April 5, 2005

New Racket - Earn Using Your Free Time

Per site review, you earn $0.15. It may not be that much compared to the $0.35 that Dex had told me but you will earn this using your free time, whether at work, at home, in school or in a cafe.

All you have to do is make a review of a certain website assigned for the day. Once you have earned a total of $20 or more, payment will be sent to you.

Click --->
this site.


  1. Mukhang madali lang a. Did you earn more or less $20 na?

  2. john, i haven't reached $20 pa eh. But some of the people I have talked with got theirs na. :) Mura daw yung $0.15 pero ano naman yun kung gagawin mo lang kung free time mo, di ba?

  3. so, where is that $0.35 rate job that Dex, not that I know him, told you about? kase, parang ang baba ng rates. wala lang. kung sa bagay, free time nga naman.


  4. ayen, $0.35 is mababa pa din. conrracted rate sa company nina dex yun eh. Not that it bothers me but i just log in and do the review when i'm not practically doing anything. :)


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