Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Morning Dilemma

While I was on board the shuttle van today on my way to Ayala, I was tempted to tell the driver to drive faster. He was really driving so slowly and he complained every time we were caught in traffic or a driver overtook him. I was rehearsing the words to tell him but I just did not have the guts to do so. The driver was kinda old and I did not have the heart to be that rude. So I shut off my mouth.

This day is the 3rd time I am late. In translation, I will be doing work at the office for free. I am marked absent, so to speak. In fact, I already texted my boss that I had an emergency so I could take a leave. But then, I could not think of any possible things to do as well as places to go if I do not report for work. I could not go to the university and reclaim my TOR nor file my resume at the HR Dept in UP. I simply do not have the documents at hand. Also, I do not want to disturb Dex and encourage him to take a leave as well. Type niya magbulakbol sa work kapag nagli-leave ako.

I told myself that if I took a leave this week, then it would look so bad if I plan to take one next week. My record already showed that every week I am taking emergency leaves.

So I retracted my earlier text message to my boss. I had to lie through my teeth that the emergency I was talking about was already ok. Nyahahaha.

Then I also remembered that I would be meeting someone at the office today. He said yesterday that he would come by before office dismissal. I could meet him outside if I have taken the day-off but the thing is, I left the book he needed at my desk drawer. Talk about bad luck.

So I am here now, hitting the keys away as I type this. I have no rush work so I am doing the things that I have to consider bringing home.

My head is screaming for coffee. My first cup for the day. My craving for caffeine will never stop at one cup so expect me to have another cup and another one…another…another…


  1. lately, i've been late too but that's another story. i also crave for coffee every waking hour. any coffee except 3-in-1. :)

  2. skeet, me any coffee. Though I prefer brewed over any instant.

    I'm a coffeee-addict, taking in 3-4 cups in the morning and 1-2 cups at 2:30pm. But it seems like caffeine has no effect on me at all...


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