Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Good Mawning, Philippines

Obviously, I am up! Yup!

My brother whose obligation is to make sure that we have water supply everyday did not come home last night and the good girl that I am, I took over the household chore that was supposedly his.

With that in mind, I came down to the ground floor where the motorized water tank was located. Because of those pesky creatures I keep on seeing, I am contemplating of asking my brother to clean up that area - meaning, it MUST be devoid of any trash of any kind and those blasted plastic bottles and pile of papers will be stashed away somewhere; translation: not inside the house. Sheesh!

And may I also remind him for the nth time that he MUST not close that metal lid so tight that I cannot even whack it open.

I even have to wake up my mom to try if she can open it. She did. Hahay. I have to pour water in it to de-pressurize the inside with water instead of air.

To cut the story short, the water tank is functioning properly, water flowing through the maze of pipes in to the 3 big drums of water we keep for our everyday supply. At least, now I can stop worrying over the worst case scenario ever.

All smiles, Viola!

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