Sunday, April 24, 2005

My 43 Goals

I have this one-page writing in my planner that I am still trying to complete. Guess what? I have it completed today in just one sitting in front of my pc at home. Thanks to 43 Things I was able to list down the things that I have to do, whether they are urgent or not. Some of the things listed in my list maybe a dream for some but the reason I want to have this kind of list is because I want to focus on it and make sure to realize that dream. Target and goals are something that people must learn to deal with. It must always be incorporated in our lives to provide meaning and directions to our very existence. It may sound big but if you think about it, the activities you do, how small they may seem, are actually results of your plans and dreams. Technically, strategies are used to realize them and in doing so, coupled with focus and determination, we are able to attain results to our much-desired goals.

Here are
my 43 things. Why don't you make yours?

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