Monday, April 25, 2005

Control Freak

I was reading this morning the back ish of PDI's Lifestyle Section (dated April 19). "Are you controlling?", it asked. Though I already know the answer, I tried to take the mini-test. A set of 30 statements that will determine one's control levels depending on his/her answers to the corresponding statements. I tried to be as honest as I could and out of 30, I checked out 15 items that applied to me "frequently, most of the time or almost always."

According to the article,
"psychiatrists agree that people with a behavior pattern of resistance exhibit a deep need to be in control. The compulsion to be in total control of people and situations is rooted in fear... Controlling persons feel they are threatened, thus the drive to control."

I basically agree with this. My interesting psychology class in the university had taught me to understand myself better. Yes, I am a control freak because I am scared, afraid that things may turn out bad because me; that I believe that I can get things easily done if I don't let others 'mess' it up with me; that I am very willing to take all the blame so long as it is my fault; that I am trying to hold up an impression that I am good and that I can be better or even the best. I understand it all. I really do.

But a lot of things have changed since graduation from the university. A certain level of maturity and shift in attitudes probably caused the change. I did mellow out even just a little bit. I have learned to loosen myself.

And I took the test for fun and acquiring 15 items of the 30 statements, here's what I got for an explanation:

10-20 points: Being in control is a frequent issue with you. You have more fears and hurts than you let on, but you don't work hard to resolve these feelings. Being in control isn't necessarily that important to you, but having your way usually is. You consider yourself organized and efficient, yet it isn't a major event if things get a little out of control. You have found someone whom you can be honest and open with, but there are limits to how much you can safely say or do, even with that person.

True! True! I prefer to do things My Way. Hehehe.

Total Translation: I'm learning what it's like to be human daw. =)


  1. So, what's wrong with being in control? There is this Simon and Garfunkel song called El Condor Pasa, I know you don't know this as it is an old one but it goes, "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail." Putting it in that perspective, yeah, I'd rather. hehe

    Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

  2. Sir Rolly, to be honest, I always want to be in control because I prefer to do things my way and I want to be responsible for it, for my actions. But psychologists say this attitude acts like a defense mech.


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