Saturday, April 23, 2005

Westminster High School Batch 1995

It was nice of my batchmate to put up a yahoogroup for our high school batch. It was a very good initiative to gather everyone from the 3 sections. Good while it last but I am just wondering if the yahoogroup will achieve the purpose of its existence. There is only one section who engages themselves in the group. It is only me who belong to another section and it feel like I do not belong there. I mentioned about this group to my close high school tropa but I assumed that they were not that interested. I got the feeling that the virtual barrier among the 3 sections still exists after all these years. Well, I really do not care because for me, I am really excited about seeing and catching up with them for the past 10 years. Yeah, a decade it is.

I was not that popular in high school. I was a loner, a girl with the lowest self-esteem there was. I was ugly, very ugly. I looked okay now. Hehehe! Yeah, I can hear
Levi chanting with how I looked with that old, big eyeglasses of mine. I was not that pleasant to look at. In fact, I see myself then as a sophisticated Aeta wearing eyeglasses! Hahaha!

High school memories were brought to the fore when
Mike called me up at home. Well, he had been trying to reach me at home countless times but I was always somewhere unreachable. Finally, he caught up with me one fine Saturday afternoon, just as I was about to leave the house to play badminton. Together with some of his closest high school pals, they were planning to print our very much delayed yearbook (the school or whoever it is had pocketed our money for the yearbook). Anyway, they wanted me in and that we were supposed to have a meeting to discuss this but conflicting schedules had dampened the plans. I contacted my tropa to let them know about this and some gossips that Mike had told me. Hehehe. Well, those gossips weren't that bad - just sharing how were the others, who married who and so and so forth.

To cut the long story short, I was never able to meet with Mike and the rest of the gang. I am not even sure if they themselves pursued the idea.

The very short-invitation- notice-reunion did push through. Actually, I got the invitation from
Liezl, who belonged to another section and whom I was not close to during high school. If I recall it right, she was a transferee for I never remember her being a loyalty school awardee. Anyway, I saw the photos that they took during the mini-reunion they had somewhere in Timog Avenue. I did not regret not coming because for sure, I would feel left-out without any familiar, comforting faces of any classmate of mine in the section where I belonged. I guessed they had a good time judging from their smiles in their faces. James posted that holding a reunion, how small it may seem would be a regular event. He reasoned out that it might be a good way to jumpstart the plans for the WHS batch 1995.

One thing that got me boring a hole in my head was why was it there were 2 existing yahoogroups, created by the 2 people who were rolling the ball for the batch. Weird, isn't it? I did not exactly question that because; it was their thing, their liking. But one thing I can say is that, one day, the main purpose why everything started will clash, striking a conflicting balance between the 2 groups.

Right now, everyone is quiet again and I am just wondering if we are going anywhere. Despite my 'harrowing' experiences in high school, I am still looking forward to meeting and seeing the faces that once made a mark in my young, innocent school life.

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