Friday, May 20, 2005

At The Edge Of Reason Because Of Love

I never liked Renee Zellweger but I found myself watching her Bridget Jones' Edge of Reason film again. Nice touch, I guess and pretty hilarious.

Sometimes I get jealous, too (how much I even try to deny that I don't). But I really cannot imagine (for the life of me) myself sneaking at my amore's flat, checking if he has another girl. Unlike Bridget, it would be incredible if I climb rooftops, sneak amongst bushes - just to prove to myself those rumors weren't true. Sugod ng sugod, so to speak. The urge to laugh out loud was so strong when she fell down from her boyfriend-might-have-another-babe-sleuthing act.

And why is this so true?
"Friends - they spent years trying to find you a boyfriend but the moment you got one, they instantly tell you to dump him." Well, because they are friends and friends really want you to be happy but the moment they see you feel bad about the men in your life, they think they aren't good enough for you. And yes, our friends SOMETIMES advice us without the benefit of checking out if the other party is committing a romantic blunder of whatsoever. Friends really come and go and the ones that stay behind are treasures in this life one must forever keep - whether they are a combination of a groupie, gay, hippie or even a goth.

Feelings of insecurity about one's self also triggered harboring feelings of jealousy. Bridget felt inadequate upon meeting her boyfriend's drop-dead gorgeous, always-says-the-right-thing new colleague who was actually a lesbo. Nyahaha. Who wouldn't be? I would be a hypocrite if I deny feeling the same way as Bridget did. Sometimes, I know that my bf takes a second glance at tall, slim, long-legged bimbos (sorry). Yeah, I do feel bad, insecure why I am petite and not as tall as those bimbos. Sometimes when I try to dwell on such thought, I really felt so rotten about it and petty quarrels are sure to come next. Of course, it is really a guy's nature to appreciate the beauty around him.

There was another scene in the movie where I felt 'kilig'. Before separating to attend to each his own daily grind, they kissed and bid each other goodbye. Bridget, feeling so heaven came to a halt and started texting him with the I-miss-you line. Nyahaha. Kinikilig ang bruha habang nagte-text, yun pala sumunod si papa Darcy sa kanya. Habang feel pa niya ang pagiging in-love, biglang may nagsalita sa likod niya na miss na rin niya si Bridget. Nakakatawa talaga siya. Bangenge talaga.

When you thought and you really feel in love, you could not help yourself but think (dream and drool) about the heavenly-romantic future life with that special someone. You may think about it, other people will ask about it - ding-dong bells ringing. Marriage is such a big step for anyone but it would be much better if the man in your life would even consider talking about it and not act dumb like he doesn't know. Are men really that dumb? I have the notion that you really must spit and spell it out for them to comprehend what the hell you are prattling about. Bridget really depicted this act well and sometimes you wanna smack her to reality. I experienced this, too and I still do. Only there's one catch: never get this thought in your head for the longest time because you're surely bound to get hurt. As Bridget said,
"one minute you're close to someone else in the whole world and the next minute, you're never gonna see him again."

Funny it may seem but it is really heartwarming to hear a guy say I love you for the first time, especially if you feel they really mean it.

Remember the skiing city-getaway of Bridget and papa
Darcy? It was supposed to be just the 2 of them but Bridget took the notion that it would only be the 2 of them, spending the holiday together. It turned out that their getaway was everybody's reunion. I could not recall how many times it had happened but it really pissed me big-time to trail with anybody, everybody when it was supposed to be a time for just the 2 of us. I just learned then that: never, ever try to presume that THAT will be the case.

I felt gloomy in the scene where Bridget thought she was preggy and papa Darcy was with her waiting to confirm if she would be growing bigGER in the next few months. What was supposed to be an exciting suspense turned out to be a mini-word war of varying parent child-rearing styles between Bridget and her boyfriend.

Unlike some girls,
Hugh Grant doesn't come to me strong, enough to make me giggle BUT in this movie, he was really cunningly cute and fun. But he was an asshole in the movie just the same.

Just a thought: how do men's minds really work? They appear like they are prepared to lose you but deep inside, they cannot live without you. Is it really hard for them to say it? And what about us girls? It is true that sometimes we don't want to ask the right questions because we don't want to hear the wrong answers.

By the way, the soundtrack of this movie is really very apt. As they say, 'swak na swak'.


I really felt envious of Bridget in this act. Being lost in yourself in the beach. Hahay.

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